Saturday 8 November 2008

Sulley on Python 2.5.

Sulley is a multipurpose fuzzer created by the guys at TippingPoint (3Com) in Python. More on sulley can be found at the BlackHat USA 2007 talk titled "Fuzzing Sucks! Introducing Sulley Fuzzing Framework" (pdf) (mp4).

The installer comes with local copies of the Python 2.4.3 programming language, the pcapy python library, the ctypes python library and WinPcap 4.0.3. All of these are installed along with the sulley fuzzing framework.

Although not exactly rocket science I did not find anywhere a guide on installing sulley in a Python 2.5 environment. So I decided to give it a go and create one myself.

  • Install Python 2.5
  • The ctypes python library is, as of Python 2.5, included in the Python core so nothing needs to be done as far is this is concerned.
  • The pcapy python library on the other hand is not, so it needs to be downloaded from The file that worked for me is pcapy-0.10.5.win32-py2.5.exe. (sha1sum = 04e2e969e343e01adaec44680376714a6b10c97b)
  • Install Winpcap (Optional)
  • Install Sulley Fuzzing Framework cancelling out on all additional packages it prompts you to install with the exception of WinPcap (based on whether you chose to pre-install it or not - See previous step).
  • Finally, sulley comes with a Python 2.4 based version of pydasm.pyd. My preferred way is Hexedit the pydasm.pyd and change the python24.dll with python 25.dll.

Et voila!!!! A working sulley installation.

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